• New Installation
  • Water Conservation
  • Modifications
  • Valve Replacement
  • Wire Location & Repair
  • Controller Installation & Repair
  • Irrigation Inspections
  • Low Volume Systems

PLM has been providing irrigation for a changing environment for over 27 years. Our irrigation specialists provide a comprehensive irrigation plan through effective irrigation techniques for our changing environment. We accomplish this with monthly scheduled visits, new installation, modification to existing systems and emergency response. Water conservation is always a priority with PLM.

Our irrigation experts perform valve, wire and controller maintenance for; even distribution rates, proper operations of your system and adequate water to maintain our client's valuable turf and landscaping. With PLM's expert troubleshooting and maintenance, our professionals keep your systems operating smoothly year round. Using the latest irrigation technologies and unique water conservation practices, we provide professional, economical and enviromentlaly friendly irrigation systems.