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Professional Property Management Services

For over 30 years, PLM has been building dependable partnerships from planning through completion. Precision Landscaping is not just part of our company name, it is our mission statement. With an unwavering commitment to detail and execution, Precision Landscape Management is rapidly becoming the leading landscape management company in the state. PLM provides landscape management programs integrated with the landscape, irrigation, horticultural and arbor practices designed for specific geographic regions. PLM is the preferred provider for Office Parks, Home Owner Associations, Multi-Family Communities, Hotels, and Resorts.


Precision Landscape Management's 30 years of experience ensures the proper growing conditions for all our customers. Our careful organization, control, and communication of progress is our trademark of great services. We provide an individual approach that is tailored to your landscaping needs and objectives. We specialize in annual color plantings that provide dramatic eye-appeal. Creating visual appeal with plant material is an important measure of our landscaping success. Our expert staff is equipped to complete any project without complications. We combine experience and planning to achieve multiple landscape objectives.



"David: I lived in the Plantation of Leesburg, Fl. for over 13 years and have hired many companies and specialist for work at my home. You and your company has raised the bar for everyone who is in your line of business. You and your team exceeded our expectations and resolved our drainage issue, plus to look at your job you would never know you were even there. Great Job and feel free to use us as a reference."

Thank you,

Glenn & Diana C.

The Plantation, Florida

Professional Property Management Services